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10Tins – $250 ($25/Tin) Minimum Order
50Tins – $1,250 (5% Discount)
100Tins – $2,500 (10% Discount)
Above 150Tins – ($20/Tin)



Buy Golden State Banana in cans — The hermetically sealed packaging protects the product from oxygen; the filled cans are flushed with nitrogen prior to lidding. We offer premium-quality Golden State Banana buds sourced from our licensed producers who are masters in their craft. So buy and get your free shipping coupon with express delivery. The package contains 20 cans of Golden State Banana weed for sale and we have 100 tin canned weed for wholesale at discounteed prices.

Golden State Banana

Golden State Banana is a mix of fruity Banana Kush and Ghost OG and offers smokers a tropical flavor to complement its deep mental and physical buzz. The THC content ranges from 15% to an insane 30%. The strain gives off a mildly fruity scent that carries a faint whiff of banana. Closer inspection may also detect some sweet and borderline skunky aromas. Grinding up these flowers, meanwhile, yields rich notes of pine and tobacco. When it’s combustes in a pipe or joint, Golden State Banana burns with a smooth and herbal-tasting smoke; this smoke tastes fruity with hints of citrus on the exhale.


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