What is London Pound Cake?

London Pound Cake is an Indica dominant strain created by Cookies Fam in Los Angeles. It’s a cross between Sunset Sherbet and an undisclosed Indica dominant strain.

As the name suggests, London Pound Cake has a wonderfully sweet flavor with hints of citrus, grape, and berry. Though it doesn’t exactly taste like cake, you may find it has a much sweeter, more pleasant flavor than other similar strains.

It has a high average THC level (tests in the 25-29% THC range) which means it produces a very pleasant head and body high. Users have reported positive effects of using London Pound Cake including relief from depression and fatigue, reduction of pain and inflation, and mild sedation. It may enhance your mood or help you foster creative thinking.

You’ll recognize London Pound Cake by its distinct olive green leaves, purple spots or streaks, and orange tips.

If you have questions about London Pound Cake or any other strains, reach out to us at Medicine Man Denver. We’d be happy to help you learn more! Also, be sure to check out our other blogs to read science-backed information on all the hot cannabis topics.


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